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Love her too much ♥

First post in 4 months…

Today is my first time plays Sims 3 in 4 months. There’s too many things going on and now I am finally back.

Thanks and sorry to my followers 

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I looooove these, I put them in my game straight…

Thank you so much! I am really happy that you love these patterns! Sorry that I didn’t include package files in my downloads until now, I will include package files next time ><

First of all, I need to give a big credit to peacemaker! His tutorial provides detailed step-by-step and is really easy to understand. 

I have been really busy these days that I don’t even have time to learn meshing and etc…So I decided to make a pattern set which is easier. Erm…consider this as a late christmas or early new year gift?

Please click on the pictures for better resolution, because there’s some quality loss caused by shrinkage.

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Hi anon! Thanks for loving my poses!

You can get the shoes here or here

Haha my english is not good, too

Anonymous:  who is that singing in your playlist? thanks in advance.

Clear Day Cloudy Day by Lunafly

Time of Collecting My Memories by Nell

[Lufus] Tights Set

More Preview Pics : 1 ll 2

  • 2 Recolourable channels
  • Everyday, Formal & Sleepwear
  • CAS thumbnail included

Download : Dropbox

The tights are not perfect but I hope you enjoy it

Tag #lufus if you use my ccs, thank you 

herbalnutria:  Hey I was wondering, could you tell me where I can find the white dress of this picture :)? /post/66449561902/finally-have-one-day-free

You can find the dress here

Trying tights that I made recently.

I had done few pairs of tights but I’m not sure if they are good enough to upload on tumblr.

Used wonderful pose by Pilbo and beautiful contacts by eruwen 

Finally have one day free…

Old pic with another 2 simple edited pics. Haven’t post anything this week but now I am too tired to play Sims 3. Please forgive my laziness ╮(╯_╰)╭

CC: Hair ll Eyeliner ll Top ll Bottom

Pose: m1ssduo